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How Smart is Google?

I have been extremely frustrated today with Chrome browser.  Of course, I have been using Chrome happily for a long time.  I switched from Firefox early on because every other piece of internet crapola needed or recommended Chrome–so I did not want to hassle with more compatibility issues–I used Chrome.

But now–well, today I discovered a problem with Chrome that appears to be bugging a lot of other simpletons like me–it is not possible to make the address bar smaller so you can see the extensions you have added to do the work you need to do.  Here is what I am talking about.
google search bar cant be resixedThis really pisses me off.  I cannot see the mutliple extensions to Chrome that make my life and work easier and quicker.

And then I asked myself: why would Google do such a bone-headed thing as to remove the ability to resize the address bar?  Sheer inertia?  Stupidity of managers?


The answer is more subtle and more in line with why Google (and Amazon and Facecrack and etc have stock market valuations that are sky-high but are based almost entirely on selling an ephemeral product–advertisements.

Google likely knows that the ad business is dying–people know to look below the fold if they want something different than the typical pablum served up by money.  People are getting wise to the intrusiveness of ads ‘tailored’ to your preferences (who the FUCK are you to tell me what my preferences are?).    I submit that the ad business is dying a well-deserved death, at least in its present we-know-everything-about-you incarnation.

I suspect further that Google would like to suck up the business that each of these extensions have created.  For intance, I added (free) ScreenCastOMatic to my extensions today.  No doubt Google is watching my activity to see if I will upgrade to the Premium version, thus creating an income stream for Google–whether or not it ultimately decides to buy/outflank/ripoff ScreenCastOMatic.

How does this play out?  Better for us or better for the Bozos of the infosphere.  Hard to say.  Maybe the Bozos will blow up in their rocket ships on the way to Mars.  Maybe they will continue to reign supreme.  Maybe there will be some sort of Revo.  Hard to know.  But I am pretty sure people are pissed off about a lot of stuff, and money sucked out of their identities is a big part of that.

I submit that ZeroKnowledgeProof and Apple’s decision to make cookies a permission-based action will make advertisers being to flee from ZFuckerberg and Gooooodle and Bozos.

What is ZeroKnowledgeProof?  Sorry, that’s for another day.  Suffice to say that quantum weirdness and entanglement has a place to play there and it is not yet apparent.

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